Let us make it Shine

For all your window,roof,siding,deck, and gutter cleaning needs! 

Proudly Serving the San Juan Islands!


At Island Shine we understand how much a difference it makes to have pristinely clean windows and free flowing gutters. We will be happy to make that difference for you .

Window cleaning services are 4$ per pane.

Gutter cleaning service is 2$ per linear foot.

Junk hauling, Odd jobs, cleanups, are all straight

time and charged at 60$ per hour.


(All prices per pane and include inside and out except Skylights.)

Standard Window-$4 per pane($2.75 exterior only)

Specialty Window-$6 per pane($4 exterior only)

French Window-$1 per pane ($.75 exterior only, $1.75 for second story french panes.)

Skylights-Exterior only and only if safely accessible $7

Glass Doors-$5 per pane ($3 Exterior only)

Roof and Surface Cleaning

Pressure Washing- Pressure washing is charged at .25 cents per square foot. 

Soft Washing- Soft Wash is a low pressure non harmful, fully biodegradable, cleaning option for roofs, patios, siding, decks, etc. 

Soft Washing is charged at .35 cents per square foot.


  • Minimum Service Charge-100$
  • Heavy Sill Debris-$1 per sill
  • Mineral Deposit/Hard Water-$1 per pane
  • Inter Island Travel- This will include ferry fare from Lopez Island. Off Island Minimum charge is 200$.
  • Caulking and Paint Removal - $1 per pane
  • New Construction Cleaning- New construction glass is usually coated with sticker adhesive and construction debris removing this is time consuming there is a $3 per pane charge for glass with this type of material on them.
  • Last Minute Cancellation Fee- 100$ Plus Ferry Fee when Applicable. Cancellations with no notice especially concerning scheduled work that requires travel.


Gutter Cleaning- Gutter cleaning is charged at $1.50 per linear foot of gutter.

Gutter Guard Installation- Gutter guard installation is charged at $7 per linear foot of guard installed.

65 Rookery Road

 Lopez Island WA 98261

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