Let us make it Shine

For all your window,roof,siding,deck, and gutter cleaning needs! 

Proudly Serving the San Juan Islands!


At Island Shine we understand how much a difference it makes to have pristinely clean windows and free flowing gutters. We will be happy to make that difference for you .

Window cleaning services are 4$ per pane.

Gutter cleaning service is 2$ per linear foot.

Junk hauling, Odd jobs, cleanups, are all straight

time and charged at 60$ per hour.


(All prices per pane and include inside and out except Skylights.)

Standard Window-$4 per pane($2.75 exterior only)

Specialty Window-$6 per pane($4 exterior only)

French Window-$1 per pane ($.75 exterior only, $1.75 for second story french panes.)

Skylights-Exterior only and only if safely accessible $7

Glass Doors-$5 per pane ($3 Exterior only)

Peak Glass, Cathedral Glass, Stairwell Glass-

$15 per pane. This includes Cathedral Style glass panes, The peak shaped glass panes, and any glass that is in a stairwell.


Gutter Cleaning- Gutter cleaning is charged at $1.50 per linear foot of gutter.

Gutter Guard Installation- Gutter guard installation is charged at $7 per linear foot of guard installed.

Roof and Surface Cleaning

Pressure Washing- Pressure washing is charged at .25 cents per square foot. We do not pressure wash roofs, this is detrimental to the health and longevity of your roof and in most cases will void your roof warranty. 

Soft Washing- Soft Wash is a low pressure non harmful, fully biodegradable, cleaning option for roofs, patios, siding, decks, etc. 

Soft Washing is charged by the square foot. Pricing is dependent on height of roof and material being cleaned. Average range is 35-50 cents per square foot cleaned. There are other factors that may increase the per square foot price.


  • Minimum Window or Gutter Service Charge-$100       
  • Minimum Soft Wash Service Charge- $350
  • Heavy Sill Debris-$1 per sill
  • Mineral Deposit/Hard Water-$1 per pane
  • Inter Island Travel- This will include ferry fare from Lopez Island. Off Island Minimum charge is 200$.
  • Caulking and Paint Removal - $1 per pane
  • New Construction Cleaning- 500$ Minimum Charge**New construction clean is double the pane cost of a standard cleaning. Twice the work ! 
  • Last Minute Cancellation Fee- 100$ Plus Ferry Fee when Applicable. Cancellations with no notice especially concerning scheduled work that requires travel.

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